The simplest way to control the volume of an audio amplifier is to use a potentiometer (variable resistance).

The system is very simple and inexpensive and is used in all audio creations, however an electrical resistance transforms part of the electrical energy into thermal energy.

Using this system some of the musical information is permanently lost. To eliminate this problem, a 24 step audio transformer can be used. Clearly the transformer should have absolute transparency to the sound and superb quality.

It is very difficult to build small audio transformers for maximum quality, best quality is obtained with a small 24 step autotransformer.

In the case of the transformer, or the autotransformer, the electricity is transferred almost entirely to the secondary, keeping with it all the smallest musical nuances.

An autotransformer represents the maximum theoretical and constructive compromise for a top quality audio attenuator.

Our autotransformers to control audio volume are designed and built without compromise.

They adopt Permalloy magnetic cores and are manually wound one by one with enormous patience by an expert craftsman. On a very small EI25 core, that is 2.5 cm in size, 25 very thin pure copper cables with 0.08 mm diameter are pulled out.

In addition, high quality 24-step rotary switches with gold-plated contacts are used. The result is transparent, dynamic and clean listening. A sound that does not fear any comparison with other audio volume adjustment systems. They can be designed and built for every need and case.