The CUBO amplifier is made with artisan criteria and is designed to produce the best music that can be played today. Its minimal project is able to withstand the decades, producing the same initial quality.

Your grandchildren will be able to hear his music without any problems, and if any problems arise, it will always be repairable, even after many generations.

It is produced only on order, each piece is numbered and tested for 300 hours of first operation.

The transformers and inductances are designed to work at very low magnetic inductions, at values at which no object, even esoteric, could ever work. This prevents the production of saturation spurious and any heating, or micro-vibrations harmful to them.

Of particular importance are the permalloy input attenuators, which do not exist in any device. They are not ordinary potentiometers, but 24 step permalloy core autotransformers. The difference between a potentiometer and an autotransformer is huge, and you can hear it.

Its power is around 12 Watts and to work at its best it must be combined with speakers with an efficiency of at least 93 Db / w / mt.

In combination with its power cord it produces an even purer sound. Try to reverse the position of the power socket until you get the best sound result.

                            CASE TRANSPORT

Leads are provided which are used to adjust the fixed bias of the final tubes. This operation is not complex and must be carried out every 4-5 years of operation. On the left there are holes that allow access to the trimmer for the right and left tubes. the cables supplied must be inserted in the appropriate plugs on the left, the black in the central plug and one at a time, respectively on the right and on the left. 

                                TUBE 300B

Then, in successive steps, with a screwdriver, and a little at a time, using a multimeter, it will be necessary to calibrate each tube at about 60 mV. If the operation is difficult, this operation can be entrusted to any technician. We remain available for any clarification.

At this point all that remains is to listen to the music, after switching on, wait a few seconds, a white LED will light up and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful reproduction of your favorite author (you will notice that after about ten minutes of operation the sound of the appliance will be even more pleasant than the beginning).